Bitumen from Oil Sands Lab Activity

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Bitumen from Oil Sands Lab Activity
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Introduction to Bitumen Extraction for Conversion to Crude Oil

  • Demonstrates methods required to recover bitumen that is eventually produced as synthetic crude oil
  • Initiates questions about fossil fuel energy use and environmental, social, and economical impacts of mining
  • Materials included for ten lab setups
Using actual oil sands from the Athabasca oil sand deposits in Alberta, students will examine the nature and characteristics of oil sand and then formulate and test methods of bitumen extraction.

Accessories information: A refill kit is available and contains only consumable component items. It does not contain additional student or teacher guides.

Ordering information: Lab includes 500g of oil sand, Filter paper, NaOH prep solution, Disposable aprons and gloves, pH test strips, Mixing containers and materials, and Comprehensive teacher's guide with student copymasters.