Tackling Science Kit: What’s the Weather Today?

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Tackling Science Kit: What’s the Weather Today?
Educational Classroom Kits and Activities
Students Track the Trends in the Weather

  • Learn to record weather data
  • Includes student guides
  • Grades 2 - 4
What should I wear today? Is it hot, cold, raining, sunny or cloudy? Students observe weather conditions and record their information using a weather chart and their journals. They can practice reading thermometers placed around their classroom and answer questions like is it warmer or cooler by the window? All Tackling Science Kits include a student science journal, a student guide, and all activity supplies packaged in a stackable box. Enhance your current science curriculum with these innovative lesson supplements. Each kit of materials contains everything you need to tackle a variety of hands-on activities focusing on a specific subject of science study. Easily integrated into any program, these inquiry-based learning kits are ideal for science centers, enrichment, or take home explorations. Grades 2 – 4.