Kyoto Kagaku® Ultrasound Thoracentesis Strap-On Simulator

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Kyoto Kagaku® Ultrasound Thoracentesis Strap-On Simulator
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Practice Ultrasound Guided Thoracentisis

  • Practice patient positioning and communication
  • Two sites for access: right mid-scapular line and left mid-axially line
  • Excellent ultrasound images
  • Volume of pleural effusion may be controlled
This strap-on puncture model facilitates training sessions for thoracentesis injection. The two types of puncture units include the mid-scapular line access and for mid-axially line access, and both units include ribs, soft tissue, pleura, lung and diaphragm. The ribs can be palpated from the surface to determine site for needle insertion. Volume of pleural effusion can be controlled.

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