Investigating The Plague: The Black Death Journal Kit

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Investigating The Plague: The Black Death Journal Kit
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Doctor Giovanni Decameron has discovered the journal of a distant relative whom he believes treated the very first case of bubonic plague in Genoa, Italy in 1347.

The journal contains writings dealing with the plague and coded messages purporting to contain the formula for converting lead into gold. This excellent, thought-provoking kit by Sandy Yaras takes students to a different, darker time in history. They learn what life was like in the time of the plague; investigate the possible causes of plague (fact and myth); simulate the spread of plague to see if it is possible to devastate a city; decode cryptic messages; and search for scientific truth in alchemical processes. Grades 5-10.

Includes: dice, salt, halite, glue, quartz, talc, calcite, galena, streak plates/8, clay, plastic protractor, glass streak plates/10, thin stem pipets/100, graduated pipets/100, Black Death Journal, instructions, student worksheets.