Backpack Science: What Makes My Top Spin?

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Backpack Science: What Makes My Top Spin?
Educational Classroom Kits and Activities
Backpack Science is an innovative, integrated learning tool that uses inquiry-based activities to build links between science, math and language arts.

  • Build links between subjects
  • Four lesson plans
  • Twelve additional activities
Students will love using the flashing, spinning tops and other colorful gizmos contained in this clear plastic backpack for hands-on explorations of energy. There are 4 lesson plans provided that explore force, inertia, gravity, friction, axis, centripetal force and more. The backpack also contains instruction cards for 12 other activities which can be done in centers in the classroom or as take-home projects. Also included is the book "Forces Make Things Move" by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley (softcover, 40 pages), which provides an excellent accompaniment to the inquiry-based activities. Grades 1-3