Student Molecular Model Set

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Student Molecular Model Set
Models Molecular Biology Models
Make Three-Dimensional Models of Chemical Compounds

  • Includes 100 3/4" Diameter Balls
  • Includes 85 Total Spring Bonds
Complex molecules with multiple and cyclic bonds such as C-hydrogen, C-aromatic, and C-aliphatic can all be created simply and easily with the extensive components of one kit. The colored, pre-drilled balls, acting as atoms, are connected with two different lengths of springs representing various bonds. The balls representing carbon atoms are drilled to form the tetrahedron. Students can easily work on their own, following the detailed instructions. The set comes with sixty-five 1", 1 1/8", and 1 1/2" long springs; and 100 wooden balls 3/4" in diameter: 30 carbon (black), 30 hydrogen (white), 12 oxygen (red), 18 halogen (green), five nitrogen (orange), and five sulfur (yellow).