Undergravel Filters

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470149-660EA 52.59 USD
Undergravel Filters
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These effective filters draw water evenly through the entire gravel bed. The 1" -diameter lift tubes and tube collars have guards to keep fish from entering the tube or getting under the plate. Unused collars are capped. The filters work in both freshwater and saltwater standard aquariums. Each filter comes with one filter cartridge per lift tube and instructions. An air pump, required, is available separately.

For 10-Gallon Aquariums
Size: 9" x 19".

For 15- and 20-Gallon Aquariums
Size: 11" x 23".

For 29-Gallon Aquariums
Size: 11" x 29".

For 30-Gallon Long Aquariums
Size: 11" x 35".

For 55-Gallon Aquariums
With four lift tubes. Size: 11" x 45 1/2".