Boreal Polarizing Microscopes

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POL-290 5790200
470145-556EA 1012.45 USD
470145-556 470012-234
Boreal Polarizing Microscopes
Ideal for introductory thin section microscopy.

  • Height: 15 1/2"; Footprint: 7" x 8"; Weight: 4 lbs., 13 oz.
  • Widefield 10X/18 eyepiece with cross reticle
  • 5 1/4" stage diameter
  • Halogen illumination with intensity control
  • Boreal Lifetime Warranty
The Boreal Polarizing Microscope: a full slate of features and a low cost make our polarizing microscope the perfect choice. It has a 45° inclined monocular head that is rotatable 360°. A slide in analyzer with both a 4/λ plate or a λ plate and a Bertrand lens come with the scope. This microscope also has achromatic objectives EA4X, EA10X, and EA40X; a working table that rotates from 0–360° with graduations of 1°; and coaxial coarse and fine focusing.

Boreal Advanced Polarizing Microscope: the improved design of this advanced microscope allows you to swing each polarizer completely out of the light path. You can also adjust the optical orientation of the substage polarizer by use of a 360° rotatable ring. High quality achromatic objectives (EA4X, EA10X, and EA40X), a Bertrand lens, and bright, adjustable halogen illumination provide crystal clear views.