The Mystery of Lyle and Louise: Strands of Evidence Hair and Fiber Analysis

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The Mystery of Lyle and Louise: Strands of Evidence Hair and Fiber Analysis
Educational Materials Forensics Educational Materials Trace Evidence Learning Activities
What Got Left Behind?

  • Grade Level 10-College
  • Links to a real world scenario
A large amount of trace evidence was collected during the investigation of the cabin, and recently additional trace evidence has arrived from the Tumbling Water Land Development Co. truck discovered in New Mexico.
Students are tasked with analyzing the hair and fiber evidence. Hairs and fibers must first be removed from trace evidence collection tape by dissolving its adhesive in water and filtering the hairs and fibers from the solution. Students must then characterize the hairs and fibers using microscopy.
After all of the evidence from the truck is processed, students must attempt to match types of hairs and fibers from the cabin to those found in the truck. During this process, students learn about evidence handling and comparison.
Supplies are included for up to 30 students working in six groups. As in all Lyle and Louise modules, this kit is geared to high school and undergraduate courses, and is matched to National Science Education Standards.

Ordering information: Activity contents include Cabin evidence collections, Suspect evidence collections, Truck evidence collections, Data collection worksheets, Microscope slides with coverslips, Mounting media, and web access to fully illustrated teacher's manual with technique background.