Interactive Whiteboard Science Lessons: Plate Tectonics

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Interactive Whiteboard Science Lessons: Plate Tectonics
Software Earth Science Educational Software
Complement Any Lesson with Digital Interaction

  • Meets National Standards
  • Recommended for Grades 6-12
Designed for multi-sensory learning, these multimedia lessons and activities provide students with a truly digital learning experience, and are compatible with any computer or interactive whiteboard. Enhance any science lesson with life-like digital graphics and animations with comprehensive coverage of topics and one-on-one student interaction and assessment. Every topic includes a digital, inquiry-based student activity guide and the following five teaching modules, plus a stimulating virtual lab investigation.

Lesson Presentation
Begin with a series of narrated, visual presentations of the designated topic, each featuring highly-detailed graphics and illuminating animations.

Interactive Activities
Simulate a variety of real-world lab activities, plus a virtual lab investigation, using a digital Lab Activity Guide.

Visual Resources
Explore additional images for greater understanding, as well as individual graphics from the Lesson Presentation Module.

Reinforce topics covered with a series of assessment/review questions for use in either a Quiz Mode, Practice Mode or Play Mode.
Compatible on Windows or Mac. Single User License and Site License for Single Building available.
Explore theories and concepts of movement and energy transfer beneath the earth's surface with this interactive lessons that covers topics including Earth's Interior, Types of Heat Transfer, Continental Drift, Sea-Floor Spreading, and the Theory of Plate Tectonics. Also includes Virtual Lab Investigation: Plate Tectonics Simulation. Recommended for grades 6-12. Meets national science standards and state standards for California, Florida, New York, and Texas.