Ward's® AP Biology Investigation 1: Evolution: Artificial Selection

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Ward's® AP Biology Investigation 1: Evolution: Artificial Selection
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Meets AP Science Practices 2, 5, and 7

  • Perform selective breeding by isolating phenotypes of rapid-growing plants
  • Updated literature with illustrations to aid comprehension
In this investigation, students to simulate the process of natural selection, differential reproduction, and the underlying process of evolution to explore how external factors impact the prevalence of a phenotype in the next generation. Using a population of fast-growing plants, students will artificially select one or more phenotypes to determine whether they can successfully change the prevalence of that phenotype in the next generation of plants. Then they’ll apply statistical analyses to evaluate the probability that their conclusion will be accurate.

The Only Kits Aligned with AP Science Practices. Ward's AP Biology Investigations provide complete coverage of the Four Big Ideas and Seven Science Practices to help you meet new AP Biology curriculum standards and prepare students for real-world success in college and research-level labs. Each investigation follows a series of three parts, beginning with a structured lab investigation, followed by a related guided inquiry investigation with thoughtful assessment questions, and finally, suggestions to encourage students to formulate their own questions and explore further self-guided experimentation. This complete series of investigations emphasizes the progression to fully student-directed investigations and builds competence in all of the science practices, helping students:
•Practice concept application instead of fact memorization.
•Focus on self-guided experimentation instead of step-by-step lab procedure.
•Investigate real-world concepts with greater curriculum flexibility.
•Apply problem-solving skills to strengthen student inquiry.

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