Green Fuel Cell: Energy From Yeast

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Green Fuel Cell: Energy From Yeast
Educational Materials Chemistry Educational Materials Green Chemistry Learning Activities
Stimulates Discussion About Energy Sources.

  • Green chemistry inquiry activity
  • All chemicals required are included
  • Ideal for biology, biochemistry, earth science and chemistry courses
The transfer of electrons is part of the metabolic process in living organisms. However, what if it were possible to capture, remove, and use some of these electrons? Could living organisms generate an electrical current? Students will set up a simple cell and, using the easy-to-grow and environmentally tolerant organism yeast, as well as a special dye capable of entering yeast cells and collecting electrons, determine if the harvested electrons are capable of producing current in the cell. If so, how much current? This fun activity also serves as a great tool to stimulate discussion regarding alternate energy sources.

Ordering information: Kit includes Yeast, Dextrose, Phosphate Buffer pH 7, Potassium Ferricyanide, Methylene Blue Chloride, 15 mL Bottles, Bottle Caps, Connecting Wire, Red 12"" with Alligator Clips, Connecting Wire, Black 12"" with Alligator Clips, Carbon Electrodes, Filter Paper, and Teacher's Guide and Student Copymasters. Voltmeter is required but not included.