Electrochemical Remediation of Wastewater

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Electrochemical Remediation of Wastewater
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Save Time When Teaching Green Chemistry.

  • Real world applications of green chemistry
  • All chemicals required are included
  • Ideal for chemistry, environmental and earth science courses
Water pollution is one of the largest threats facing the global population. Once pollution occurs, the environment cannot “make” new, clean water. One procedure often used to treat wastewater is coagulation/flocculation. While this procedure in wastewater treatment is effective, it involves adding chemical components to water being treated. Recently, a great deal of attention has been given to less traditional alternatives to coagulation/flocculation. One such approach is electrocoagulation, a coagulation process carried out by an electrical charge. This complete kit will enlighten your students about this alternative treatment.

Aluminum Electrodes
Red Connectors with Alligator Clips
Black Connectors with Alligator Clips
Sodium Sulfate
0.1% Crystal Violet Solution
Teacher's Guide and Student Copymasters