Ward's® Live Egeria najas Aquatic Plants

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Ward's® Live Egeria najas Aquatic Plants
Specimens Live Specimens Plants - Living Material
An excellent aquarium oxygenator, Egeria najas is great for teaching photosynthesis and plasmolysis.

  • Sprigs or tips are useful to demonstrate photosynthesis or plasmolysis
  • Plant sprigs in gravel or other substrate in your aquarium, or float freely on the surface
Elodea najas is an excellent alternative if Elodea densa or Elodea canadensis are restricted in your state.

Tips are not recommended for aquarium use. Instead sprigs can be rooted in substrate, or floated on water as a food source or hiding place for fish and snails.

Ordering information: May be restricted in some states, check with your state's Department of Agriculture for restrictions. Elodea densa or Egeria najas are also available as alternatives.

Delivery information: These specimens are perishable and will ship via 2-day delivery. Please provide a requested delivery date.

Packaging: Plants are provided in waterproof, plastic bags that keep plants both fresh and healthy. Care instructions available online.