Boreal Science Microscope Maintenance Kit

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Boreal Science Microscope Maintenance Kit
Tool Sets
Keep your microscope in ideal working order with these supplies for maintenance and upkeep.

Designed specifically for our full line of microscopes, this kit helps you perform the routine maintenance on your microscopes that keeps it in perfect working order.

Delivery information: This kit includes one magnifier, one 2" screwdriver with 1/8" blade, one pair of needle nose pliers without side cutters, one 1.5 mm hex wrench, one “C” wrench for microscope tension collars, one Phillips screwdriver (3/16×2"), one objective wrench, 1 oz. blower syringe, one pair of straight sharp-point forceps, one package of fifty 4×6" optical lens papers, one microscope screwdriver: size 000, one camel’s hair brush, one bottle of Boreal lens cleaning solution, and one 1.5 mm micro straight blade screwdriver. The Boreal Microscope Manual with detailed instructions and a trouble-shooting guide are also included. Individual refill supplies are available.

Packaging: Items packed in heavy-duty vinyl tool roll.