Vernier® Optics Expansion Kit

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Vernier® Optics Expansion Kit
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Add the Vernier Optics Expansion Kit to your Vernier Dynamics System to conduct optics experiments, such as image formation with lenses and light intensity vs. distance. You can even use the kit to build a basic telescope.

The Optics Expansion Kit includes:
-Combination LED point and luminous light source with power supply
-Three lenses integrated with holders (100, 200 and —150 mm focal length)
-Screen and holder
-Light Sensor holder
-Aperture screen and holder
-Power supply

The parts of the Optics Expansion Kit snap on to the track, so that the parts can be left in place while the track is moved. The three lenses are permanently mounted in three plastic supports. The light source is LED-based, so that it uses less energy and is cool to the touch. A rotating disc on the light source gives you the option of a radiant object, a point source, an "L" with 2 by 1 cm dimension, and parallel lines for resolution experiments. The power supply is the same as the LabQuest power supply. An additional aperture plate is included for experiments based on lens diameter and shape.

Extend your optics lessons to allow students to study polarization of light. Set includes a Fixed Polarizer, an Adjustable Analyzer, and an Adjustable Analyzer for Rotary Motion Sensor. Create a complete system for studying polarization with the Optics Expansion Kit, plus a Rotary Motion Sensor, and Light Sensor, each available separately.