TeacherGeek Innovation STEM Bin

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TeacherGeek Innovation STEM Bin
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Includes the Most Popular Activities, Plus Pieces for Extended Innovation

TheTeacherGeek Innovation STEM Bin was designed for just that..to innovate, inspire and experiment with mechanical, energy, electrical and fluid hydraulic systems. This bin includes the components to build 20 Advanced Rubber Band Racers, 20 Wind Pumps and 20 Hydraulic Arms. Additional TeacherGeek components are included in the bin for redesign, reengineering and “build it, dream it” innovation. Starter ideas for innovation might be adding motorized power to the Rubber Band Racer, follow the guide from the hand crank to the wind powered hydraulic water pump. designing a track/path for your bug or redesigning the arm and gripper functions.

Please note: The Geared Wind Turbine and the Wind Pump require a stand.

TeacherGeek offers either the Bench or Wind Turbine Stand. These both allow for quick mount and change out of our gear box turbines which is ideal in a classroom. It can be tilted or reconfigured for vertical and horizontal turbine orientation.

What Else Do I Need?
•Easy Engineering Tools (includes Reamer, Easy Cutter, #2 Phillips Screwdriver and Slip-Joint Pliers) single set or Class Set.
•#1 Phillips Screwdriver (Optional)
•Slider Block (Optional)

Note: If you are an existing TeacherGeek customer, the TeacherGeek part number for this activity is: 7110.