TeacherGeek Catch the Bug

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TeacherGeek Catch the Bug
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials TeacherGeek System Components
Explore Basic Concepts of Electricity

  • Easy to connect parts
  • Reusable pieces
  • Hands on way to investigate the design process
  • A true STEM experience
Are you ready to “Catch the Bug?” The most popular TeacherGeek activity comes with all the components and free downloadable guides that take students on an exciting educational adventure. Upon completion of the self-directed step by step Bug Build Guide and comprehensive Bug Electronics Lab, the Bug is ready to roam and explore by bumping into objects and finding new paths around the room. Learning and understanding basic concepts of electricity such as series and parallel circuits, voltage, current, resistance, switches and schematic diagrams has never been this much fun.

The Bug Activity...
•Makes electrical concepts interesting and understandable
•Appeals to a multitude of abilities, ages and knowledge levels
•Allows students to work at their own level and pace
•Challenges students to gain a higher level of understanding
•Provides additional challenges for advanced students
•Challenges and engages students like no other electronics project
•Teaches electrical concepts using exciting physical feedback
•Allows students to take ownership in the learning process and take home the finished product

Bugs Teach...
•Electrical Circuits
•Schematic Diagrams
•Soldering Techniques

Ordering information: Heat Source: strip heater (best for classroom use), hot water or hair dryer, Safety Glasses Soldering Iron, Lead-Free Solder (about 1 foot per Bug), Crimping Tool, Wire Strippers, Pliers, AA Batteries (2 per Bug), Alligator Clip Leads, Multimeter, Resistors. Required but not included are Reamer, Easy Cutter, Phillips Screwdriver, Slip-Joint Pliers, soldering iron, solder and wire strippers.