CC-2 Liquid Nitrogen Storage Canister

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CP-00-MR CP-6-CA CP-14-RB CP-PLS-SLV 55709-218
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CC-2 Liquid Nitrogen Storage Canister
Cryogenic Storage Vessels
For small to medium capacity applications, this 20.5 L canister offers traditional canister-style cryogenic storage in an efficient narrow neck design.

  • Easy Maintenance of Near-Liquid Temperature
  • Six Canisters Included
  • Seven Canes per Canister
The efficient design reduces the rate at which liquid nitrogen evaporates and limits the temperature gradient, so temperature remains near liquid even at the top. Static evaporation rate is 0.09 liters/day. It includes six canisters, and each canister holds seven canes.

The roller base makes moving and handling of full drawers and canisters easy and safe. Includes five swivel casters, two with locks, and cast-iron roller base. It works with the 30 L VWR Liquid Nitrogen Dewar. Aluminum canes hold six 1.2 mL to 2 mL vials. The plastic sleeves for canes keep vials in place and organized within canisters while allowing visibility of samples.

Accessories information: The Roller Base is sold separately.

Packaging: Package of 50.