Usage of Restriction Enzymes in DNA Fingerprinting Analysis

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Usage of Restriction Enzymes in DNA Fingerprinting Analysis
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials PCR Learning Activities
Compare DNA Banding Patterns

  • Time required: ~90 min.
Teach your students about restriction enzyme digests in the context of forensic science! Your students will cut DNA with restriction enzymes and then compare the banding pattern of the crime scene DNA versus that of two suspects using agarose gel electrophoresis.

Kit includes: instructions, “crime scene” Ready-to-Load™ DNA samples, Standard DNA Marker, Dryzymes® - Eco RI and Hind III, various solutions & buffers, plasmid DNA, enzyme grade water, agarose powder, InstaStain® Blue & FlashBlue™ Stain. Kit ships directly from the vendor.

Required, but not included: electrophoresis apparatus, power supply, automatic pipette with tips, water bath, balance, microwave or hot plate, visualization (white light), misc. labware, pipette pumps or bulbs, metric rulers, floating racks, photo documentation system (optional), distilled or deionized water, ice.

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