Edvotek Transformaiton with GFP Kit

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Edvotek Transformaiton with GFP Kit
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With this kit, students learn how transformed cells take up a plasmid that contains the GFP gene.

  • Students Use GFP to Research Transformed Cells
  • Common Procedure in Research Labs
  • Instructions Included
  • Transformation Occurs in 15 Minutes
  • Incubation Takes Place Overnight
Green in normal light, colonies expressing the GFP protein, a gene isolated from the jellyfish Aequorea victoria, fluoresce when exposed to long wave UV light. Students use this gene to research transformed cells.

Set up and plating requires 50 minutes, incubation takes place overnight, and transformation occurs in 15 minutes.

Ordering information: This kit includes cells, plasmid DNA, IPTG, ampicillin, transformation solution, ReadyPour™ agar, Luria broth, petri dishes, sterile pipettes, loops, microtubes, and detailed instructions. A water bath, 37°C incubation oven, and long-wave UV lamp are required but not included.

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