Higher Plant Kingdom Sets

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Higher Plant Kingdom Sets
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Explore higher plants from the class Angiospermae with these sets of representative specimens in individually-labeled jars. Higher Plant Kingdom Set 1 contains the following 12 specimens: Queen Anne's Lace Flower, Maple Flower and Fruit, Ragweed, Sundew, Soy Bean, Apple Fruit, Mulberry Fruit, Poison Ivy Leaf and Berry, Dodder on host, Mayapple Flower, Elodea, and Yucca Flower and Fruit. Higher Plant Kingdom Set 2 contains the following 12 specimens: Dogwood Twig, Radish Seedling, Bean Pod, Acorn, Bladderwort, Basswood Stem X-Section, Buttercup Flower, Cherry Fruit, Strawberry Fruit, Lily Leaf, Corn Seedling, and Oat Flower. The Complete Higher Plant Kingdom Set combines all specimens listed in Higher Plant Kingdom Sets 1 and 2 to make one economical set of 24 specimens in individually labeled jars.