Wave Demonstrations Set

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470110-488EA 28.55 USD
Wave Demonstrations Set
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Waves and Oscillations Learning Activities
This set provides versatile tools for a variety of demonstrations.

  • Set Provides Wide Range of Ways to Show Waves
  • Teacher's Manual Included
  • Wave Characteristics Include Pulse, Shape, Superposition, and Reflection
  • Two Springs Included
  • Waves Length Changes When Springs Are Connected
Students can explore a variety of wave characteristics including pulse, shape, superposition, and reflection.

A 7 cm dia. slinky and a 2 cm dia. spring coil exhibit different wave characteristics when used separately. However, when linked with the provided cotton cord, students see the change in wave length as the wave passes from one spring to the other. The reflected and transmitted pulses at their boundary have approximately equal amplitudes.

Ordering information: This kit includes the two springs, both of which stretch to 9 m, and a 3 m cotton cord.