Chromogenic Analysis of Water Contaminants

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Chromogenic Analysis of Water Contaminants
Educational Classroom Kits and Activities
Test water from your own environment for fecal coliforms.

  • Complete assay in 30 minutes, and grow overnight
  • Non-pathogenic bacteria provided
  • Easy to interpret results
  • Includes instructor's guide and discussion questions
In this experiment, students will test control and environmental water samples for the presence of total coliform bacteria and E. coli using color changing enzyme assays. Testing drinking water for every possible type of pathogenic bacteria is slow and costly. Thus, drinking water is tested for coliforms - including the familiar E. coli. Presence of coliforms is an indicator of fecal contamination.

Bactobead refill contains positive control organisms: Escherichia coli, and Citrobacter freundii.

Accessories information: Additional equipment needed but not included: Long wave UV Lamp, 10% bleach solution or other disinfectant, water-collection bottles (e.g. screw-cap drink bottles). Water bath or incubator and micropipettes are helpful but not required.

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