Urban Water Test Kit

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Urban Water Test Kit
Educational Materials Earth Science Educational Materials Natural Resources Learning Activities
  • No hazardous materials required for testing
  • Includes a comprehensive handbook
  • Grades 1 - 12
Appropriate for Grades 1-12
The life style of youth in the city often does not include involvement in outdoor activities or contact with nature. They may feel that environmental issues are not a part of their world when actually, urban environmental issues involving waters are all around them. This kit provides a hands-on introduction to the basic concepts of water chemistry and environmental awareness in urban areas.
All of the necessary equipment is included to test for the following test factors using the non-hazardous Lamotte Testab methods - Chlorine, Copper, Iron, Hardness, Nitrate, pH, Phosphates, and Temperature.
Methods are suitable for testing drinking water, run-off, and street puddles.
Comprehensive handbook also included. Everyone has the opportunity and the responsibility to insure that they have safe drinking water for the future.