Ward's® Bird Beaks Lab Activity

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Ward's® Bird Beaks Lab Activity
Educational Classroom Kits and Activities
Pecking at foam packing peanuts with spoons, golf tees, and clothes pins, students simulate the effects of different beak characteristics on birds’ attempts to gather food.

  • Students Discover Importance of Physical Adaptation for Survival
  • Pre and Post-Laboratory Assessments Included
  • Material for Six Student Groups
  • Estimated Lab Time: 45 Minutes
  • Opportunities for Art, Math, and Language Arts Integration
Working with a variety of objects that represent food types and beak shapes, students discover how physical adaptation is advantageous for survival.

This kit provides opportunities to integrate art, math, and language arts into the science lesson. It includes an instructional DVD, a printed teacher’s guide with student worksheets, and material for six student groups.

Ordering information: This kit includes bird pictures, scissors, cups, spoons, golf tees, clothespins, beans, yarn, packing peanuts, disposable droppers, forceps, bags, an instructional DVD, and a teacher's guide with student worksheets. Goggles and sharp scissors are needed but not included.