WaterWorks™ Bacteria Check Water Quality Test

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470106-166EA 15.4 USD
WaterWorks™ Bacteria Check Water Quality Test
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Bacteria Make Up Much of the Composition of the Soil

  • Aligned to USEPA standards
  • Equipment is sterile
  • Includes instructions
A test bottle for the rapid detection of coliforms in water. The pre-measured media makes this test ideal for field, on-site or lab use.
WaterWorks Bacteria Check contains sterile Presence-Absence media. Includes very simple, step-by-step instructions to help you detect if any harmful bacteria (coliform) are present in your water supply. Use Bacteria Check as a classroom demonstration or in your home to test your own water supply. The test requires that the specimen be undisturbed for 48 hours.

USEPA Compliant, Sterile