Count Up/Count Down Timer & Clock

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470103-614EA 42.95 USD
Count Up/Count Down Timer & Clock
Timers Digital Timers
This handy little electronic quartz clock keeps time (accurate to within half a second a day), then converts to a 24 hour count-up or count-down timer at the flip of a switch.

  • Accurate to within half a second
  • Converts to timer
  • Alarm feature
An alarm sounds at zero in the count down mode, but the timer keeps running after the alarm sounds to record elapsed time. Two handy features include a memory, to let you conveniently reset a frequently used interval, and a built-in magnet for mounting on any metal surface. The 8 mm high LCD readout provides resolution in one-second intervals. It measures 5 x 4.5 cm, weighs only two ounces, and comes with a 1.5 V button cell battery.