Nursery Rhyme Forensics Kit

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Nursery Rhyme Forensics Kit
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Determine the Culprit that Killed Little Bo Peep's Sheep

  • Appropriate for Grades 3-8
  • Case-based Scenario
Little Bo-Peep has lost her sheep, and can't tell where to find them. The truth of the matter as reported to The Grand Old Duke of York is that they are being held for ransom as detailed in a note found posted on the door of Old Mother Hubbard's house who lives next to the field where Bo-Peep last saw the sheep.

It is vital that you help get the sheep back as soon as possible before the deadline runs out.

Using your powers of observation and investigative skills, examine the clues and solve the case of the missing sheep. Employ the following forensic techniques to help you in your investigation.

Chromatography: Radial Chromatography : ease of use, no solvents required and time taken less than 15 minutes. Teacher preparation time 10 minutes max.

Footprint/track Analysis: identification of bird prints based on the story include those found at the crime scene and those that do not match. Encourage the use of techniques for identification and could lead to discussion points based on individuality of animals and birds.
Pollen analysis: Identification of microscopic pollen from different plants species. The idea that small amounts of trace evidence can provide an alibi which is provided by the plants in which the suspect says they have been or passed through. It introduced the students to the amazing world of microscopy and the wonders of mathematical shapes.
Includes materials for up to 25 groups (10 groups at a time).