Ward's® Connecticut Embedded Performance Task Kits

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Ward's® Connecticut Embedded Performance Task Kits
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials Microbiology Learning Activities
These kits are correlated to the Connecticut curriculum.

  • Open-Ended Investigations Described in the 2004 Core Science Curriculum Framework
  • Tasks Easily Embedded within a Standards-Based Curriculum
  • Adaptable Task Design
  • Everything Needed to Conduct Each Embedded Task
  • Durable Storage Totes for All Supplies
Questions on both the CMT and CAPT state science assessments refer to the contexts of these embedded tasks.

These kits prepare students for success on state testing. Exclusive savings are available through contract pricing.

Ordering information: The Grade Three Embedded Task Kit includes soggy paper, clear plastic plates (10”), clear plastic bottles (8 oz.) and screw-caps, paper-towel rolls, clear plastic cocktail cups (9 oz.), boxes of crayons, plastic forceps, facial-tissue packages, 3 x 6" dual-hand lenses, tri-fold paper towels, sponges, plastic and graduated cylinders (25 mL), blunt-tip scissors, and metric rulers (plastic). The Grade Five Embedded Task Kit includes stainless steel rulers, wooden rulers, clear plastic rulers, orange plastic rulers, and colored rulers (either red; blue; yellow; or green). The Grade Six Embedded Task Kit: Dig-In includes graduated cylinders (100 mL), disposable gloves, plastic beakers (600 mL), plastic zipper bags, hand lenses, box of rubber bands, cheese cloth, sponges, trowels, stopwatches, scissors, bags of coarse sand, bags of clay soil, and potting soil. The Grade Seven Embedded Task Kit: Feel the Beat includes graphing paper, stopwatches, stethoscopes, and alcohol pads.