Pre-Reading Spinners

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Pre-Reading Spinners
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Appropriate for Grades K-3.Perfect for book previews.

A package of two spinners, "Book Preview" and "Let's Take A Look", that promote fun and interactive learning. The spinners will help students make predictions and familiarize themselves with the text they will read. Includes simple, easy-to-follow directions and activity ideas to use with the spinners. You can use these with any size group!

Book Preview asks questions such as: What type of book is it likely to be? and Who do you think are the main characters? and What do you already know about this topic? There are six possible questions in total.

Let's Take a Look asks questions such as: Who is the author? and Can you predict what will happen in the story? and Who is the book's illustrator? There are six possible questions in total.

Before reading a story to the class or before students read in their reading groups, have student volunteers spin the arrow and answer the questions or complete the tasks. After assignment is read, compare the students' predictions to the actual text.