Starfish Dissection Lab

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Starfish Dissection Lab
Specimens Preserved Specimens Preserved Animal Materials
Boreal Starfish Dissection Labs are an inexpensive and convenience way to bring dissection into your curriculum.

With each of these Starfish Dissection Labs, you'll receive the essentials for dissection. Specimens are easy to pin and dissect, and are packed in formaldehyde free Borealene II. Each kit also comes with disposable dissection trays that offer direct pinning to the surface with no cleanup or resurfacing necessary.

Dissection Labs include (10) specimens, (10) disposable dissection trays, (10) dissection guides.

Availability Limited: due to an outbreak of sea star wasting disease on the natural population of star fish, supplies are currently limited. Future availability is currently unknown; however, we are working on restoring stock as the natural populations continue to grow.




Item # Size Height Length Width Description Grade Chemical/physical specifications Unit Availability Price Quantity
470233-546 19 L - - - WARDSafeâ„¢
Hazardous Product
Laboratory Handi-Pak Each (19l) Retrieving Restricted
470016-918 Standard 4 cm 29 cm 19 cm Pan and Pad
- - Each Retrieving
470220-350 - - - - Bookstore Dissection Kit
- - Each Retrieving