Primary Basic Electricity Kit

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Primary Basic Electricity Kit
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Electricity/Magnetism Learning Activities
These robust and engaging kits are designed as a resource for the teaching of introductory electricity.

  • Kit A is for a group of up to six students
  • Kit B is a classroom set of additional components
A Teacher's Manual is included in Kit A, which introduces each component with a range of tasks and investigations. Topics covered are bulbs and cells, switches, electromagnets, motors and buzzers. Kits are supplied in a robust polystyrene box.

Ordering information: Components of Kit A: 6 cell holders (without cells), 6 bulbs and holders, 3 press switches, 3 two-way switches, 18 connecting leads, Primary Electricity Kit booklet. Components of Kit B: 20 replacement bulbs, 4 variable resistors, 3 motors, 3 buzzers, 2 electrodes holders, 3 diodes, 3 fixed resistors, 4 universal clips with 8 crocodile clips, 6 steel rods, reel of plastic coated wire. Only one Kit B would be needed per class.