Making and Modeling Polymers Student Activity

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Making and Modeling Polymers Student Activity
Educational Materials Chemistry Educational Materials Properties of Matter Learning Activities in Chemistry
Introduce Students to the Structure and Properties of Polymer Molecules That Compose All Plastics

  • Substances are often placed in categories or groups if they react or behave in similar ways
  • Engineers design specific chemicals to be used in a variety of ways
  • Models can be used to understand and explain scientific phenomena
  • Requires 1-2 50 minutes classroom periods to complete
Investigations include exploring the linear polymer found in white glue, then adding a cross-linker to the glue and studying the resulting cross-linked polymer. Paper clip models are also used to discover how the molecular structural differences of monomers, polymers, and cross-linked polymers alter the properties of the molecules.

Ordering information: Materials include polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), sodium borate solution, blue food coloring, clear plastic cups, stir sticks, graduated cups, paper clips, wide-mouth bottles.