Camera, Ken-a-vision MVP-100

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470039-338EA 1.29 USD
Camera, Ken-a-vision MVP-100
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The first camera with a durable exterior finish and aluminum construction with media multiple management tools, the MVP-100 offers maximum durability and versatility.

  • Connect to Computer, Projector, TV, and VCR Simultaneously
  • Simple Media Management
  • High Resolution Output for RCA, USB, VGA, and Network
Simultaneous connections for media solutions offer high resolution output for RCA, USB, and VGA. The MVP-100 offers the further advantage of network output. This firmware based camera connects easily to networks, allowing you to capture single images, use from remote locations, and create access from multiple computers using Internet Explorer, without any software to install. Focal distance: 6mm to infinity. Resolution: 800 x 600. Magnification: 50:1 or greater. Size: 25.4cm x 21.6cm x 76.2cm.