Vertical Polyacrylamide Electrophoresis Cell, Single Cell

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651-A 581
470122-166EA 334.95 USD
470122-166 470039-320
Vertical Polyacrylamide Electrophoresis Cell, Single Cell
Electrophoresis Systems Vertical Gel Electrophoresis Systems
Sleek New Design

  • Improves Run Speed
  • Improved Support Clip Holds Gel Securely
  • Push Tabs for Easy Lid Insertion & Removal
  • Color-Coded for Foolproof Setup
  • Stabilizing Feet Improve Balance & Cooling
  • Made in USA
The latest in electrophoresis design! Our newly redesigned MV10 gel tank is designed for easy separation of proteins on polyacrylamide gels utilizing our unique gel support cassette clip. It allows gels to be easily inserted or removed and holds them in place securely. The MV10 unit holds one 9 x 10 cm gel cassette and can accommodate most precast polyacrylamide gels.