Forensic Detectives Video Set

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Forensic Detectives Video Set
See How Science is Used to Solve Crimes.

Your students will work along real forensic investigators and glean amazing information from physical evidence.
In Part 1: Chemistry at Work, you will discover the wonder and power in the molecular makeup of substances from crime scene clues to pyrotechnics when scientists analyze grains of sand from a balloon bomb.

Part 2: Archaeology at Work allows your students to imagine finding human bones while doing some normal gardening. This segment shows how detectives, coroners, and archaeologists work together to solve a crime committed many years ago.

Part 3: Mysteries and Solutions explains how tire tracks, carpet fibers, and dog hairs can all provide the clues detectives need to hunt down a murderer. It also shows how DNA evidence is used to clear a convicted criminal. Closed-captioned. Total duration: 103 minutes.