Ward's® Animal Behavior Kit

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Ward's® Animal Behavior Kit
Educational Classroom Kits and Activities
Students use specially designed trays to examine the reactions of organisms.

  • Pre- and post-laboratory assessments included
  • Specimens include Daphnia, Planaria, Terrestrial Isopods, and Mealworms
  • Reusable environmental trays
  • Estimated lab time; Part One: 45 minutes, Part Two: 45 minutes
  • Material for eight setups
By altering the conditions specimens are exposed to, such as moisture, habitat, and light, students can observe changes in behavior and habitat selection. This activity utilizes Ward's own two and five-chamber behavior trays, which allow students to test several factors simultaneously.

The kit includes Daphnia, Planaria, terrestrial isopods, and mealworms. It also contains a teacher's guide, a student copymaster, and material for eight setups.

Ordering information: This kit includes eight 2-cell behavior trays, two 5-cell behavior trays, acrylic behavior tray covers, one package of 100 filter papers, petri dishes, 1 environmental-sample set of wood chips; pine shavings; moss; and sand, sheets of black construction paper, 1 package of colored cellophane, pipets, and one coupon redeemable for 1 planaria culture; 1 daphnia culture; 1 mealworm culture; and 1 terrestrial isopods (pill bugs) culture. A stopwatch or timer, a light source, and environment-altering materials (depending on students' experimental design) are required but not provided.



Teaching Tips

Extend your experiment with isopods in this activity to test:
What kind of food preferences do pill bugs display?
Do pill bugs prefer different types of leaf litter?
Are pill bugs preferential to a certain pH?