GPI Anatomicals® Obesity Model

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GPI Anatomicals® Obesity Model
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The Obesity Model shows two common fat distribution patterns.

  • Model Shows Apple- and Pear-Shaped Bodies
  • Two Cross Sections of the Hip Area Displayed
  • Model Illustrates Effects of Obesity
In alignment with an increased emphasis on obesity prevention in education, this model demonstrates the negative effects of excessive weight gain. The model shows both pear and apple-shaped bodies in two cross sections of the hip area. Rach model illustrates effects from obesity such as compression from viseral fat on the colon, common iliac artery and veins, ureter, small intestine, femoral nerve, and more.

The pear body fat distribution pattern, referred to as lower body fat, is mainly composed of subcutaneous fat. The apple body fat distribution pattern, or intra-abdominal fat, can be composed of both visceral and subcutaneous fat. Students contrast a non-obese body to the pear and apple fat distribution in both internal and external structures on the provided informational key card.