Ward's® Kidney Nephron Model

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470029-444EA 775 USD
Ward's® Kidney Nephron Model
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A detailed representation of nephron structure.

  • Detailed Representation of Nephron Action
  • Large Size and Bright Colors Make Structures Easy to Study
  • Designed By Wards
The detailed, 200x model uses the vivid depiction of its various features to help students visualize how the kidney removes waste from blood. Those features include a series of renal corpuscles and associated vessels and tubules down to the papillary duct of the renal papilla. Shown in detail are the capillary beds, which are related to arterial and venous circulation, along with the nephron structures including the arcuate and interlobular arteries and veins.

The various brilliant colors, designed to match the coloring of WARD’S Glomerulus and Sections of Tubules Model, highlight the arterioles, venules, ascending and descending limbs of Henle’s loop, distal and proximal convoluted tubules, and the collecting tubule. The model is cast in durable, lightweight plastic and mounted on a base.