Ward's® Comparative Liver Histology Model Set

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Ward's® Comparative Liver Histology Model Set
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Two models provide detailed liver histology.

  • Detailed Liver Histology in Two Models
  • Large Size and Detailed Painting Show Important Structures
  • Human and Pig Livers Included in One Set
Comparing the human liver to a pig liver makes the characteristics of both easier to explain and understand. The sectioned human liver, enlarged approximately 1000x, focuses on the cellular structure of a single lobule from the central vein to the portal space and shows the portal triad with the anastomosis of the arterial and portal capillaries, the hepatic artery, and lymphatic vessels. Bile canaliculi are also shown supplying a branch of the bile duct.

In contrast, the pig liver shows the nearly prismatic form of the lobules, enlarged 50x, along with the portal triad path. It also illustrates the emergence of the central veins and how they join to form the sublobular veins. One lobule is dissected to show inner details. The human liver model is mounted on a base, but the pig lobules are free standing.