Ward's® Mounted Horse Forelimb and Hind Limb

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Ward's® Mounted Horse Forelimb and Hind Limb
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Fully articulated horse limbs.

  • Natural bone
  • Full articulation
  • Mounted to base
Natural bone. The rigid mount of a complete horse forelimb, from the scapula to the phalanges, and the complete hindlimb, from the femur to the phalanges, have been expertly prepared by WARD’S experienced staff to ensure anatomical accuracy. Useful for veterinary studies, they are securely mounted on a wooden base. The forelimb comes with a key identifying 41 structures, and the hindlimb key identifies 35 structures. Base size (both): 12"L x 16"W. Average forelimb size: 38"L; average hind limb size: 42"L.