Ward's® GEO-Logic Life of the Paleozoic Era Topic Set

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Ward's® GEO-Logic Life of the Paleozoic Era Topic Set
Educational Materials Earth Science Educational Materials Paleontology Learning Activities
Re-create Life in One of the Most Ancient Geologic Eras

  • Developed by teachers and WARD's Staff Geologists
  • Classroom tested for dependabilty
  • Designed to save valuble planning and preparation time
Studying fossils from the Paleozoic Era and their evolutionary development with our GEO-logic collection will help students interpret the history of each Paleozoic period. A teacher's guide and student copymasters are included for the following activities: understanding Paleozoic time and inferences from Paleozoic fossils. The set is housed in a compartmented collection box.
Contents:16 numbered fossilsFossils:Porifera (sponge) (1), Cnidaria (corals) (2), Bryozoa (sea mat) (1), Brachiopoda (lamp shells) (2), Pelecypoda (clams, oysters) (1), Gastropoda (snails) (2), Cephalopoda (1), Trilobita (2), Echinodermata (1), Graptoloidea (1), Algae/Plants (2)

Ordering information: GEO-logic is a unique, comprehensive series of teaching collections designed to assist both teacher and student in understanding basic earth science concepts through hands-on activities and carefully prepared teacher and student guides. The GEO-logic system provides a modular approach to teaching and allows you to address broad curriculum needs for the study of minerals and rocks; natural resources and energy; and fossils and earth history. The Topic Sets, provide indepth in an individual subject area and include both a teacher's guide and student copymasters.

The GEO-logic system is: Developed jointly by experienced educators and WARD'S staff geologists; Designed to save valuable planning and preparation time; Created from quality teaching materials for hands-on learning; Classroom tested for dependability.

Each GEO-logic collection includes: Individually numbered specimens chosen for their quality and character, Activity guides with learning objectives and hands-on activities for your students to perform, and an attractive, durable compartmented box for easy use and storage.