Cephalopoda Collection

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Cephalopoda Collection
Educational Materials Earth Science Educational Materials Paleontology Learning Activities
Explore the richness, diversity, and evolutionary history of past life forms preserved in the fossil record.

  • Twelve numbered fossil specimens covering major taxonomic divisions within each phylum or class
  • Complete taxonomic classification guide with identification key for each specimen
  • Key cards with illustrations of important morphological features of specimens
  • Detailed identification list with name, age, stratigraphic data, and locality of each specimen
  • Compartmented collection box for storage or a single-cavity box for larger sample sets
Provides renowned specimen quality, exceptional support materials, and superior packaging. These specimens exhibit important morphological features such as coiling, ornamentation, and sutures. Nautiloids, Ammonoids, and Coleoids are represented. Paleozoic and Mesozoic. Set of 12.