Ward's® Introductory Fossil Collection

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Ward's® Introductory Fossil Collection
Educational Materials Earth Science Educational Materials Paleontology Learning Activities
Survey of Major Life Forms in the Fossil Record

  • Introduces students to the variety of ancient fossils
  • Hand picked for renowned quality
A fine introduction to the classification of fossil animals and plants. Fossils from nine different phyla form a wide range of geological periods and are all carefully selected to illustrate important life forms and different modes of preservation.

The set is housed in a compartmented collection box, and includes an identification list with geologic periods and locality data.

Ordering information: Contents include 16 numbered fossilsFossils:Protozoa (1), Porifera (sponge) (1), Cnidaria (corals) (2), crinoid stem (1), Bryozoa (sea mats) (2), Brachiopoda (lamp shells) (2), Pelecypoda (clams, oysters) (1), Gastropoda (snail) (1), Cephalopoda (1), Trilobita (1), Shark tooth (1), Dinosaur bone fragment (1), and Fern (1).