Ward's® Tenacity and Special Properties Topic Set

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Ward's® Tenacity and Special Properties Topic Set
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A variety of tensile strengths and physical traits represented.

Students will define and learn to recognize tenacity, asterism, diaphaneity, double refraction, effervescence, feel, magnetism, opalescence, and specific gravity when they work with the activities in the GEO-logic set. A teacher's guide and student copymasters are included for the following activities: testing tenacity, testing properties related to light, and testing properties controlled by chemical constituents. The set is housed in a compartmented collection box.Contents:16 numbered samples, 1×1"; magnet; dilute HCl (bottle)Minerals:anorthoclase, arsenopyrite, calcite (cleavage), calcite (Iceland spar), copper, graphite, magnetite, muscovite, opal, phlogopite, pyrite, quartz (rock crystal), rose quartz, selenite, sulfur, vermiculite

GEO-logic is a unique, comprehensive series of teaching collections designed to assist both teacher and student in understanding basic earth science concepts through hands-on activities and carefully prepared teacher and student guides. The GEO-logic system provides a modular approach to teaching and allows you to address broad curriculum needs for the study of minerals and rocks; natural resources and energy; and fossils and earth history.

The two types of GEO-logic teaching collections include a Reference Set, which provides an overview of all topics and comes with a teacher’s guide, and Activity Sets, which provide greater depth in an individual subject area and include both a teacher’s guide and student copymasters.

The GEO-logic system is developed jointly by experienced educators and WARD’S staff geologists. It is designed to save valuable planning and preparation time, and is created from quality teaching materials for hands-on learning. Classroom tested for dependability, each GEO-logic collection includes individually numbered specimens chosen for their quality and character, activity guides with learning objectives and hands-on activities for your students to perform, and an attractive, durable compartmented box for easy use and storage

Caution: Due to the nature of this product it may contain asbestos.