Ward's® Introductory Mineral & Rock Thin Section Set

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Ward's® Introductory Mineral & Rock Thin Section Set
Specimens Rock Specimens Rock Thin Sections
A Great Way to Begin Your Petrographic Studies

  • Specimens Highlight Key features
  • 16 Specially Selected Thin Sections and Matching Rock Samples
We’ve transformed the sixteen rocks and rock-forming minerals from one of our most popular teaching collections into a thin section study set. The set contains four each of igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic, and rock-forming mineral specimens. Each slide displays key mineralogical and textural features important for optical study. The Hand Specimens accompany the thin sections in the Introductory to Mineral Rock Set. Each specimen is approximately 3" x 4" and comes in an individually labeled plastic storage tray. A printed identification list is also included with the set.

Ordering information: Contents include Minerals (biotite, feldspar, quartz, calcite), Rocks (Igneous: basalt, granite, rhyolite, gabbro), Sedimentary (conglomerate, limestone, sandstone, shale), and Metamorphic (gneiss, marble, quartzite, schist).