Ward's® Siltstone

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Ward's® Siltstone
Specimens Rock Specimens Rock Thin Sections
When minerals, rocks, and fossils cannot be accurately identified by macroscopic observation and testing, thin section slides can reveal the composition and structure of the specimens on a microscopic level.

Thin section slides are precisely ground to a thickness of 0.03 mm across the entire specimen area. Mineral and rock thin sections are mounted on 27 x 46 mm microscope slides, and protected by a glass coverslip. All thin section slides are labeled for reference.

Classic North American Rock Thin Sections

Our finest thin sections have been a classroom standard for over 40 years. When purchased individually, each 27 x 46 mm slide is packaged as an Explano-Mount, with a study sheet, in a durable plastic sleeve. In addition, you can now order matching hand specimens for each thin section.