Ward's® DNA Amplification by PCR Lab Activity

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Ward's® DNA Amplification by PCR Lab Activity
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Introduce Students to PCR Technique with a Basic Procedure

  • Reliable PCR reaction
  • Materials for 24 PCR reactions
  • Time Required: ~60 min. plus 2 hrs. for PCR
In this investigation, students amplify various segments of the bacteriophage lambda genome, then electrophorese and analyze the PCR samples. Students use the sizes of the PCR products generated by the three different forward primers and one reverse primer, provided, to map the locations of the primers relative to one another in the bacteriophage lambda genome. You will get enough materials to run up to 24 PCR reactions, as well as a teacher’s guide and student copymaster.

Ordering information: Kit includes 5 mL of sterile Mineral Oil; 5 mL of sterile Water; 500mL of 5X TBE Running Buffer; 0.5 mL vial of Loading Dye; 200ml of 2% Agarose Gel; 24 X 0.5 mLPlastic Reaction Tubes; Floating Rack; 60mL bottle of Ward’s QUIKView DNA Stain Concentrate; biohazard bag; coupon for perishable material. Materials needed but not provided are electrophoresis Chamber; power supply; water bath or thermal cycler; micropipettes; marking pens;; timer; UV Transilluminator; UV Goggles; and ice. Coupon is included for redemption of perishable materials. Redeem by mail, phone, fax, or email.