Ward's® Using Nasonia to Teach the Scientific Method Lab Activity

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Ward's® Using Nasonia to Teach the Scientific Method Lab Activity
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The perfect activity to start your year with inquiry-based learning.

  • Our activity helps you guide students through the inquiry process
  • Watch as students discover the relationship between Nasonia and Sarcophaga
  • Excellent study in parasitism
Students will be asked to observe a living insect (Nasonia vitripennis) and an object unknown to them (Sarcophaga bullata pupae) placed together in a microviewing chamber. Students will note the behaviors of the Nasonia as it interacts with the unknown object.

After hypothesizing about what may or may not have happened, you will lead the students in designing an experiment to test their hypothesis.

In two weeks, with occasional observation, the experiment will be complete and students will have learned about experimental design, insect metamorphosis, and parasitism.

Kit contains:
Teacher’s guide, and student copymaster
Coupon redeemable for Sarcophaga and Nasonia organisms
Bag of cotton balls
15 magnifier boxes
Working with Nasonia DVD video
150 polystyrene tubes

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